Beyond the edge: spiritual transitions for adventurous souls
Start Date: 17th Mar 2018
End Date: 17th Mar 2018
Start Time: 10:00
End Time: 14:30


Join us for the 29th Annual Day of Prayer at St Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey.

All are welcome. Tickets are not required.

The Day of Prayer is a day of reflection led by Canon Dr Andrew Mayes.

Canon Dr Andrew Mayes has lived in Jerusalem for some years serving as course director at St. George’s College. He is currently Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Chichester, where he has also been director of clergy training. He is a spiritual writer and author of eight books, an experienced retreat giver and international teacher. He will soon move to the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf where he will serve as Diocesan Spirituality Adviser and priest of Limassol.

The Day of Prayer is based on the book by the same title which looks at the journeys of Jesus in the gospels through the lens of liminal spaces as we notice how often he led the disciples across boundaries and over thresholds. We reflect on the significance of this in relation to the transitions we make in our spiritual journey.

The day will consist of illustrated addresses and silent periods, when we can pray with suggested prayer exercises. It will resource and inspire our spiritual journey.


10.00am - Address One To the River, Desert, Coast
10.45am - Prayer exercise
11.15am - Address Two Across the Lake
11.45am - Prayer exercise
12.30pm - Lunch break
1.30pm - Address Three Gethsemane
1.45pm - Prayer exercise
2.15pm - To Galilee, and conclusion
3.00pm - Evensong in the Abbey

Further Information

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