Thomas Hesilrige
Burial Date: 30 Oct, 1651
Field: Soldier
Location in the Abbey: St Margaret's Church
Type of memorial: Tablet

Thomas Hesilrige was buried in the south ambulatory of Westminster Abbey on 30 October 1651 but his body, with other followers of Oliver Cromwell, was disinterred and thrown into a pit in the adjoining churchyard of St Margaret's Westminster by Royal Warrant of 9 September 1661. He was a son of Sir Thomas Hesilrige, Baronet of Noseley in Leicestershire and his wife Frances (Gorges). His brother was Sir Arthur Hesilrige. In 1632 he married Rebecca Sheafe and they had daughters Dorothy (who married John Grimstone) and Frances.

In 1966 an inscription was incised on the tower of St Margaret's church with the 21 names of regicides and others who had been exhumed from the Abbey, including Hesilrige.

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