Joan de la Tour
Location in the Abbey: South amulatory, shrine
Type of material: Bronze

A small bronze statuette (or weeper) of Joan de la Tour (Joan of the Tower) can be seen on the tomb of her father Edward III in Westminster Abbey. This can be viewed from the south ambulatory. She was born in 1335 and died on 2 September 1348 en route to Spain to marry Pedro of Castile. She lies buried in Bayonne cathedral. She wears a reticulated head dress, cote-hardi and long sleeves and the coat of arms depicting Castile & Leon impaling France and England quarterly is below.

See the entries for her brothers Edmund of Langley and Lionel of Antwerp, sister Mary of Brittany (who also have statuettes) and father Edward III on the website.

A photo of the statuette can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.

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