Humphrey Salwey
Burial Date: 20 Dec, 1652
Field: Politician
Location in the Abbey: St Margaret's Church

Humphrey Salwey, politician, was buried in the north ambulatory of Westminster Abbey on 20 December 1652. But his body was exhumed, together with other followers of Oliver Cromwell, in 1661 and buried in a pit in the adjoining churchyard of St Margaret's Westminster. In 1966 an inscription was cut into the wall of the tower of this church which reads:

"This tablet is erected by the Cromwell Association to the memory of the undermentioned whose remains were disinterred from Westminster Abbey at the time of the restoration of King Charles II and were in September 1661 buried in this churchyard of St Margaret's"

and it lists the 21 names.

He was the son of Arthur Salwey and his wife Mary (Searle) and was educated at Oxford. He married Ann Littleton and had several sons including Richard who also became a politician. Humphrey was Member of Parliament for Worcester, a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines and served in the Long Parliament.

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