Canada Club gift
Location in the Abbey: Sacrarium

The Canada Club gave a gift of two chairs and two faldstools (kneeling desks) to Westminster Abbey in memory of Canadians who fell in the 1939-45 War. These  were presented for the use of the King and Queen and dedicated at the Dominion Day service on 1 July 1949. The chairs are always used by The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when they attend Abbey services (or by other members of the Royal Family if The Queen or Duke are not present). They are placed in the Sacrarium on the south side of the altar or in the south lantern area at a service. When not in use they are kept in St Edward the Confessor's chapel. They are of Canadian birch, polished and stained with ornament in burnished gold, and were designed by Sebastian Comper. They were executed at the firm of James Walker Ltd in East Acton, London and Horace Purfield was the main carver. They are based on cross-legged Venetian style chairs with the coats of arms of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the back of the seats in champleve enamel (by Harold Soper). There is a carved maple leaf at the front and lions heads on the ends of the chair arm rests. The faldstools show the arms of Canada.

A photo of the chairs and kneelers can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.

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