The following list of people buried or commemorated in Westminster Abbey provides links to information about them and their monuments. There is also information on organisations commemorated. The list is NOT COMPLETE at present, but further entries are always being added. Contact the Abbey Library if you have a query about a burial or monument not covered by this list at

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Pages include a transcript of any inscription and an English translation if the original is in Latin. Spelling in English has often changed over the centuries and this is reflected in the inscriptions.

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  1. William Hargrave

    • Died: 21 January 1751
    • Profession: Soldier
    • Location in the Abbey: Nave
    • Type of Memorial: Grave; Statue

    On a window ledge in the south aisle of the nave of Westminster Abbey is a large monument to Lt.General William Hargrave. It is by sculptor L.F.Roubiliac and shows Hargrave emerging from his tomb. A skeleton, representing Death, topples from the

  2. Sir John Harpedon

    • Profession: Soldier
    • Location in the Abbey: North Ambulatory

    Sir John Harpedon, knight, who died in 1438, has a brass in the north ambulatory of Westminster Abbey.

  3. James Harrington

    • Profession: Writer
    • Location in the Abbey: St Margaret's Church

    James Harrington was buried in St Margaret's church Westminster but his gravestone can no longer be seen. Click on the blue link to expand this entry.

  4. Sir Arthur Harris

    • Born: 13 April 1892
    • Died: 5 April 1984
    • Profession: Airman
    • Location in the Abbey: Lady Chapel

    Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Travers Harris is remembered in the RAF chapel in Westminster Abbey.

  5. Lord Harris of Peckham

    • Profession: Philanthropist
    • Location in the Abbey: Lady Chapel
    • Type of Memorial: Window

    Sir Philip Harris, now Lord Harris of Peckham, was a major donor to the Westminster Abbey restoration appeal. The stained glass in the east windows of the Lady Chapel, by Alan Younger and Hughie O'Donoghue, was given by Lord and Lady Harris.

  6. John Harrison

    • Died: 24 March 1776
    • Memorial: 24 March 2006
    • Profession: Scientist
    • Location in the Abbey: Nave
    • Type of Memorial: Stone

    In 2006 The Duke of Edinburgh unveiled a memorial stone for John 'Longitude' Harrison, clockmaker, in the nave of Westminster Abbey. Stone lettered by Gary Breeze.

  7. Admiral John Harrison

    • Died: 15 October 1791
    • Profession: Sailor
    • Location in the Abbey: South Quire Aisle
    • Type of Memorial: Tablet

    In the south choir aisle of Westminster Abbey, above the door into the cloister, is a memorial to Rear Admiral John Harrison.

  8. James and Richard Hart

    • Profession: Musician; Composer
    • Location in the Abbey: East Cloister; West Cloister

    James Hart, singer and composer, was buried in the west cloister of Westminster Abbey but has no marker. A Richard Hart, maybe his brother, was buried in the east cloister.

  9. John Harvey

    • Born: 9 July 1740
    • Died: 30 June 1794
    • Profession: Sailor
    • Location in the Abbey: Nave
    • Type of Memorial: Statue

    In the nave of Westminster Abbey is a joint memorial to Captains John Harvey and John Hutt who were both mortally wounded in the naval victory off the coast of France in 1794. The sculptor was John Bacon junior.

  10. Richard Harweden

    • Profession: Abbot of Westminster
    • Location in the Abbey: South Ambulatory

    Richard Harweden was Abbot of Westminster and was buried in the south ambulatory of Westminster Abbey.

  11. William de Haseley

    • Profession: Priest

    William de Hasely was Sub Prior and master of the novices in the monastery at Westminster. He died about 1283 but his tomb no longer exists.

  12. Anna Hassall

    • Burial: 26 November 1750
    • Location in the Abbey: Islip Chapel
    • Type of Memorial: Grave

    Anna Hassall is buried in a vault in the Islip chapel at Westminster Abbey. She was buried on 26 November 1750, aged 37.

  13. Warren Hastings

    • Born: 6 December 1732
    • Died: 22 August 1818
    • Profession: Statesman; Diplomat
    • Location in the Abbey: North Transept
    • Type of Memorial: Bust

    Warren Hastings, Governor General of Bengal, has a monument, designed by John Bacon junior with a bust by Samue Manning, in the west aisle of the north transept of Westminster Abbey.

  14. George & Ferdinando Hastings

    • Location in the Abbey: North Transept
    • Type of Memorial: Grave

    George and Ferdinando Hastings were sons of the Earl of Huntingdon and are buried in the north transept of Westminster Abbey.

  15. William Page Wood, Baron Hatherley

    • Profession: Lawyer
    • Location in the Abbey: St Margaret's Church
    • Type of Memorial: Plaque

    William Page Wood, Baron Hatherley, Lord Chancellor, and his wife Charlotte have memorial plaques in St Margaret's Westminster by Hart,Son,Peard & Co. Their stained glass windows, by Clayton & Bell, were destroyed in the war.

  16. William Hatteclyffe

    • Profession: Physician; Diplomat
    • Location in the Abbey: Lady Chapel

    William Hatteclyffe (Atcliff) physician and secretary to Edward IV, was buried in the old Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey. His body was probably moved or re-buried elsewhere when Henry VII rebuilt this chapel.

  17. Hatton family

    • Profession: Statesman
    • Location in the Abbey: Islip Chapel; Triforium
    • Type of Memorial: Statue; Tablet

    A large monument to Sir Christopher Hatton and a tablet to his wife Alice were originally in the lower Islip chapel in Westminster Abbey, where they lie buried. But the monuments were removed to the triforium when that chapel was renovated in 1939.

  18. Hugh Haughton

    • Location in the Abbey: St Margaret's Church
    • Type of Memorial: Plaque

    In St Margaret's church Westminster is a monument to Hugh Haughton. This also shows the kneeling figures of his wife Frances and their two daughters.

  19. Robert Hauley

    • Died: 11 August 1378
    • Profession: Soldier
    • Location in the Abbey: South Transept
    • Type of Memorial: Grave

    Robert Hauley (Haule or Hawle), a squire, was murdered in Westminster Abbey in 1378.

  20. Walter Hawkes

    • Born: 23 October 1761
    • Profession: Soldier
    • Location in the Abbey: Cloisters
    • Type of Memorial: Tablet

    In the part of the cloister of Westminster Abbey called the Dark Cloister is a wall memorial to Walter Hawkes.

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