The Abbey is committed to social justice, through advocacy and practical concern. Our aspiration is to use our resources for justice of the kind embodied in the ministry of Jesus and his teachings about the Kingdom of God; and to express a proactive concern for addressing social and spiritual need wherever it is evident, and a willingness to challenge causes of injustice.

The Abbey uses the limited resources available to it to support specific areas of social concern. From 2013 to 2016 we shall be focussing on providing support to disadvantaged young people in the UK, especially in finding employment.

  • We make regular donations from the Abbey's Sunday Collections to a wide range of charitable causes, and over the next three years will be devoting 33% of our regular Sunday giving to charities working in the field of disadvantaged young people. This should produce approximately £40,000 per annum for such charities.
  • From the summer of 2013 the Abbey will be working with The Prince's Trust and others to provide work placements in the Abbey for a small number of young people who are undertaking training to prepare them for employment.
  • The Abbey offers modern apprenticeships whenever it is able in a variety of areas of its work.

The Abbey also donates funds regularly to support the work of a variety of charitable bodies at home and overseas. Last year we gave a total of £138,331 to just under 70 different charities.

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