Liberated by God’s Grace: 1517-2017 500 Years of Reformation
Start Date: 31st Oct 2017
End Date: 31st Oct 2017
Start Time: 14:30
End Time: 18:00

Location - St Margaret's Church

A symposium: ‘Liberated by God’s Grace’ will bring together leading academics to analyse the ongoing impact of the Reformation. What has been its effect on subsequent generations, not only for our churches but also for our wider self-understanding and social order?

All are welcome to attend.


Chair: The Right Reverend Dr Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington

Covert, Overt and Collectible: Luther’s Works in England and English
Professor David Crankshaw, King’s College, London
How did Luther's works impact upon the English? Luther was hugely prolific, publishing in Latin and German but what effect did they have on education in a time of widespread illiteracy, and a language barrier amongst the literate?

The Reformation in the British Isles from a Roman Catholic perspective
Professor Eamon Duffy, Magdalene College, Cambridge
The author of The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England 1400-1580 provides his perspective on the Reformation. What really was the impact on people’s religious beliefs?

‘God is weak’: The ‘theologia crucis’ in the thinking of Luther and Bonhoeffer
The Right Reverend Dr Martin Lind, Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain
How did the ‘theologia crucis’ influence Luther? And, then over 400 years later, the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor and theologian executed by the Nazis, for his brand of radical thinking about a weak and suffering God?

Freedom from the Self: Luther and Løgstrup on Sin as ‘Incurvatus in Se’
Professor Robert Stern, Sheffield University
What was the impact of Luther on twentieth century Nordic theology, philosophy of religion and ethics? Still relevant and highlighted in the thinking of the influential Danish philosopher and theologian, KE Løgstrup.

Remembering the Reformation
Professor Alexandra Walsham, Trinity College, Cambridge
What was the evolving memory of Luther's Reformation in the first two centuries after 1517? With a focus on the British Isles, though set in a European perspective.


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