Excellent Women – PD James: Miserable Offenders
Start Date: 2nd Oct 2017
End Date: 2nd Oct 2017
Start Time: 18:30
End Time: 19:30

Location - The Abbey

Why are there so many fine Anglican women novelists? From Charlotte Brontë to PD James, from Dorothy L. Sayers to Barbara Pym, from Rose Macaulay to Elizabeth Goudge… who were these women and what inspired them?

Join us in Poets’ Corner as Professor Alison Shell, University College London, discusses the work of PD James (1920-2014) in the last of a series of lectures on significant British women novelists of faith.

The lecture series precedes the publication of Anglican Women Novelists: Charlotte Brontë to PD James, Bloomsbury Publishing, forthcoming in 2018.


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Doors open at 6.00pm

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