William Ewart, workshop leader, outside Westminster Abbey

Never has it been easier to come and discover more about 'The Church at the Heart of the Nation'.

As part of our brand new 'Inside Out' programme, Westminster Abbey is now able to visit your school with one of four workshops. Your pupils will then be able to experience a tailored tour of this historic site, including a visit a 'secret area' usually closed to the public!

"How would your pupils feel about a visit from a mediaeval builder? Could they help a Benedictine monk during the time of the Reformation? Would they feel brave enough to meet a soldier of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army? Or perhaps they could lend William Caxton a hand with his new printing press?"

The workshop and tour costs only £100 for up to 60 children, and the programme has been designed to tie in with History, RE, and British Values learning objectives.

This programme has been funded through the generosity of John Lyon's Charity and as such is open to schools in the following boroughs:

City of London
City of Westminster
Hammersmith & Fulham
Kensington & Chelsea

Sessions can always be adapted to suit particular teaching needs but, if the outreach doesn't suit you, then your school can still benefit from huge discounts on tours, events, and workshops at the Abbey itself.

To find out more call William on 020 7654 4867 / 07342 990 762, or email william.ewart@westminster-abbey.org.

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